Mommy’s Girl – Hot MILF fucks with nerdy teen


It’s Kimmy Kimm’s first day at a new school and, since it’s a private school, she now has to wear a school uniform with a cute skirt. But before she leaves the house, her stepmom, Kendra James, can’t help but get aroused by the sight of her stepdaughter in said uniform.

After Kimmy leaves, Kendra shakes off the improper thoughts… But when Kimmy later comes home from school and lies down on the floor in front of her to do some schoolwork, Kendra’s temptations resurface. Try as she might, Kendra can’t help but stare up Kimmy’s skirt…

Kimmy catches Kendra looking up her skirt and calls her out. Although Kendra’s embarrassed, Kimmy admits that she actually LIKES the attention. That’s when Kimmy offers to help satisfy the urges Kendra’s been keeping at bay all day!

Date: November 12, 2023