Melody Marks and her friend Charlotte Sins are playing a video game together. Melody’s stepmom, Bridgette B, soon pokes her head into the bedroom and becomes exasperated as she asks them if they’d rather play outside. But to her dismay, both girls insist that they’d rather stay inside and play all day.

Defeated, Bridgette decides to let the girls do their thing and takes her leave. The girls, happy to be alone again, continue playing their game without interruption… until they are suddenly caught off-guard when another player comes out of nowhere and unexpectedly DESTROYS them. Over and over, a player named Number_One_M targets them, not giving them a break.

But then the girls become confused when they think they hear sounds from the game coming from somewhere else in the house… They start to wonder if it’s possible that Bridgette is Number_One_M! That’s when they devise a plan where Melody will keep playing the game to distract Number_One_M, while Charlotte sneaks up on Bridgette to see what she’s up to.

When Charlotte sneaks around, she finds Bridgette lying on her stomach while playing the very same video game. It looks like she IS the infamous Number_One_M! Turned on by the sight of Bridgette’s ass peeking out from beneath her skirt, Charlotte playfully confronts Bridgette and says she’ll keep Bridgette’s secret IF she can fuck Bridgette. Although Bridgette is surprised, she easily gives in, and continues gaming so that Melody won’t become suspicious. But, alas, Melody soon comes out to see what’s taking Charlotte so long and catches them having sex.

Bridgette admits that her plan was to defeat Melody so much in game that she wouldn’t want to play it anymore. But the reasoning doesn’t do much to sway Melody since she’s too turned on and distracted by Bridgette’s sexy position. That’s when Melody cheekily says that maybe she’ll stop playing video games so often IF she can join the sex!

Date: December 7, 2023